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Shenae Grimes & Jessica Stroup

Jessica Stroup - 04/11/2009

Jessica Stroup's hair color ranges closely to a rich chestnut/mahogany tone without any highlights. It is actually refreshing to see a head of hair without highlights. Her hairstyle has been designed in long layers and arranged in glossy rounded curls that have been curled away from her face. If this particular hairstyle appeals to you, remember to bring the top down with your blow dryer and brush, then section your hair off around your head and when you curl on your sides, measure your beginning point about to the top of your cheek bones and wrap vertically around your iron and away from the face. Allow your hair to hang in the curls as pictured. Complete this task around your hair.
Jessica has the most amazing color of blue in her eyes and she outlines them with dark eyeliner, mascara and a smoky taupe shadow. There are tweezed brows, small amount of blush and a very neutral lip tone. Her black and white spring dress looks absolutely stunning on her! The tied shoulder straps are especially appealing because they are unique and different. Tip: If you can find a way to look different and attractive like Jessica, you will stand out in the crowd. In her case, she has one very exclusive shade of hair and is wearing an incomparable dress.
Shenae Grimes - 04/11/2009
Shenae Grimes wearing her brown hair in an updo Up-style with a simple ponytail - Shenae Grimes
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Shenae Grimes is a true sketch of good health. Her eyes sparkle with a golden amber color. Her hair is naturally a deep dark brown. The many reddish highlights put some pizzazz in her look and is definitely what makes her eyes appear the amber color. Her updo looks to be a simple ponytail that was placed up without combing. You can achieve this yourself, with your hands instead of a comb. We can see the patterns from the ridges in her hair that have been made on the top of her head. There is a short part that allows for the dangle of hair along both sides.
Shenae is wearing blush/bronzing and neatly sculptured brows, light shadow, eyeliner, lashes and mascara. An added flesh toned lip color extends her naturalness. Her lovely white top reveals a very smart high collar that is studded with imitation jewels and pearls and gives off a similar striking effect like that of a thick choke necklace. The high collar is used to present her face to us, as if gift wrapped.