Jessica Stroup's Short Hairstyle

Jessica Stroup with short hair and layers
Photo by PR Photos
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Textured fine ends make up Jessica Stroup's short hairstyle that is cut into low layers. It has the slightest bend along the sides and lies in the middle of her neckline. There is a variety of lighter shades of bronzed brown and deeper cinnamon lines that come together with her natural color.
There are several hairstyles that can be derived from this type of haircut, with rolling the hair in medium rollers that create a lot of spring, fluff and waves to a more serious straighter effect that could be brought back and away from the face. Experimenting can host a whole new challenge with fresh ideas.
Jessica has natural appearing eyebrows, concealor, light and smoky eye shadows, eyeliner, lash and mascara completing with a translucent lip tint. Her lovely platinum gold sequined top is a dressy addition that adds a little zip to her smile.
Jessica Stroup wearing a neckline length hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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