Carefree Short Hairstyle

Jessica Stroup wearing a cerefree short hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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Jessica Stroup was seen at the November 11, 2009 Puma Presents the African Bazaar in Los Angeles with her hair cut short in the back. There was a side part that brought her hair over with a sexy wave sitting on her high cheek bone and the side in a fat curl.
Her hairstyle was a semi smooth look with ends flittering about displaying her layers. Her flattering hair color is close to a rich warm coffee brown that definitely makes her blue eyes pop out more.
Jessica's hairstyle and color is not the usual trendy norm that we see today and is refreshing to see a close crop of one color. Low maintenance! The glossy hair color would be simple touch ups. A quick blow dry with your medium sized vented brush would do the trick; spritz some hair gloss for shine.
Jessica's makeup flows with the color of her own skin tones in a light winter appearance. Her pretty eyes have medium thick brows with a brownish taupe shadow on the lower lid that gives her that coveted sleepy "come hither" look that men fall over for and women want. She has eyeliner, lashes and mascara. A touch of blush and the finality of a natural pink lip tone.
Jessica Stroup's short haircut
Photo: Joe Seer/Shutterstock
Jessica has a class act look. The perfect short haircut can definitely be sexy. The easier to care for, the more appealing it is to the opposite sex. There is just something appealing about a saucy carefree hairstyle.
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