Jenny McCarthy Hairstyles

Jenny McCarthy was born on November 1st, 1972 and is an American actress, model and author. She hosted Singled Out on MTV.
  • strong jaw line
  • Jenny McCarthy with soft long hair
  • short neck length bob
  • Jenny McCarthy with a long blunt cut bob
  • long angled bob
  • Jenny McCarthy - long blunt bob
  • Jenny McCarthy wearing her hair in an updo
  • Jenny McCarthy wearing glasses
  • Jenny McCarthy with curled hair

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Jenny enjoys life and fashion and approaches both with passion and a lot of humor. Her haircuts often reflect her playful side with a long, free flowing mane of beachy blonde hair. Hairstyles with long layers and tapered feathers bring volume and a lot of free spirited fashion fun.
She also has a very elegant, stylish side and expresses it with a precisely cut A-shape bob or a longer version of the side parted classic. Jenny's style is always feminine and sensual while being very chic and perfectly constructed to bring out the best in her features. Her color choices are in the blond range and include warm, glowing honey blondes to platinum shades.
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