Jenny McCarthy's Shoulder-Length Hair

Jenny McCarthy with shoulder-length hair
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Jenny McCarthy Hosts Jenny McCarthy's Comedy Show (May 10th, 2014). We always think her blonde hairstyles are great and this is no exception. Take a look at her super vivacious hairstyle! Her signature blonde locks are really bright and contrasted slightly by some strawberry looking pieces underneath. The warmer shade could just be popping out because of the lighting but it looks great.
Jenny's strands are chopped right at the shoulders and longer layers help keep it thick and full looking. Hair is parted deeply to one side and bangs are feathered up and back for a very dramatic flip. All the hair around the face is curled away with a thick curling iron for large sexy waves.
Don't skimp on the hairspray for this sexy style, use some before and after curling so you really keep the waves locked in. The hairspray also helps add a little bit of rough texture to the look. You don't want the curls to look too soft. Instead, use the hairspray or a texturizing spray heavily on strands so you beef up strands and give them a good coat of grit.
This thick, long bob is a great hairstyle for oval or square shaped face. Medium to thick amounts of hair is ideal in order to recreate this full-bodied style. The key to creating curly or wavy hairstyles is to have the right tools. Make sure you invest in good hot irons that heat up enough to create curls and waves that last. If you're still using the curling iron or flat iron you've had since high school, it may be time to upgrade.
Jenny McCarthy with curled hair cut at the shoulders
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Jenny McCarthy's blue finger nails
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