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Jenny McCarthy & Malin Akerman

Jenny McCarthy - 05/18/2009

Jenny McCarthy's new bob haircut Jenny McCarthy has a blunt bob that is slightly angled up on the sides. She has a center part with the rest of the hair milling into a smooth procession that tips her shoulders. When we look closely we can see the thin lines of darker blonde streams accenting her platinum blonde hair.
Jenny looks good with her new haircut. Usually we see her with longer layered hair. I imagine she is chuckling quite a bit these days, her boyfriend is Jim Carey.
Malin Ackerman - 05/18/2009

Malin Akerman with neckline length hair Malin Akerman is usually seen wearing her hair in long blonde layers that hang down upon her back. A haircut was the order of the day, only this time her hair gathers a little bit around her neckline. Her new medlium length look presents a more youthful appearance to Malin, as does the warmer tones of blonde that are paneled around her hairstyle of loose coils. Her irregular part divides her hair to bring the straighter pieces of her bangs over to the sides or to rest upon her forehead.
Tip: if you need to bring out the pinker tones in your face, put some warmth in your hair like Malin did and wear pink around your face. Malin is also wearing bronzing/blush, smoky shadow, fine penciled brows, eyeliner, lashes, mascara and a neutral flesh colored lip tint.