Jennifer Hudson Hairstyles

  • Jennifer Hudson
  • Jennifer Hudson with shiny long hair
  • Jennifer Hudson with a pixie
  • Jennifer Hudson sporting a brown pixie cut
  • Jennifer Hudson with her black hair in a pixie

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Jennifer Hudson is an American recording artist, actress and model, born on September 12th, 1981 in Chicago.
After winning the Academy Award for the movie "Dreamgirls" with Beyonce, Jennifer's life took a huge turn and her career headed towards the sky, she got married and had a baby. She also lost a lot of pounds and became spokesperson for Weight Watchers in the USA.
One thing however that did not change is her gorgeous mane of hair. Long, luscious curls, whether real or weaved does not matter, give her the right dream woman glamour and she also looks absolutely delightful with a head full of small curls that frame her face.
Straight hairstyles are part of her fashion repertoire in the shape of medium length shag cut dos with wispy wings and she has made an unforgettable impression with a tight ponytail and straight, full bangs. The only thing that beautiful Jennifer has to pay attention to is that a lot of side volume makes her face look very round and it should be combined with some lift on the crown and length below the chin.
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