Jaime King Hairstyles

Jaime King is an American actress and fashion model, born April 23rd, 1979. Some of the fashion magazines Jaime has appeared in are Mademoiselle, Vogue and Harper's Bazar. Her first starring role was in 2003 in Bulletrproof Monk.
  • Jaime King sporting a ponytail hairstyle
  • Jaime King with curls
  • Jaime King with hair below the shoulders
  • Jaime King sporting a braided updo hairstyle
  • Jaime King with a blunt cut bob
  • Jaime King
  • Jaime King's bob
  • Jaime King with long bleached hair

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Jaime's world has many facets, and she has the haircuts to go along with that. Jaime likes to express her femininity with fun hairstyles that reflect her joie de vivre and great taste.
With a slightly round face, she has to be careful not to create too much volume on the sides and looks best with sleek, long hair either down or pulled into a youthful ponytail, simply gathered with a hair elastic in colors matching her outfit.
A long, blunt-cut bob is a highly stylish option and brings the most attention to her face. Some caution is needed with curls; they run the risk of appearing a bit homely.
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