Backcombed and Smoothed Hair

Jasmine Dustin with backcombed hair that looks short
Photo by PR Photos
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Gravitating with a peak popularity Jasmine Dustin attended the Premiere "The Black Waters of Echo Pond" in Los Angeles, California on November 03, 2009. One of the first things you notice about Jasmine is her beautiful oval shaped face, this is why she is able to wear all her hair successfully back from her face and still look attractive.
There is a slight pouf on the top that was backcombed and smoothed over for the desired height needed. The back is casually brought up into an updo and because of the severity, gives the impression of being quite short. Her natural hair color is a medium to light shade of brown and has been tinted a few levels up into a golden brown/dark blonde color.
Many have problems backcombing properly and end up with their hair looking like a rats nest instead of a smooth looking coiffure. Some prefer to try their hand with a teasing brush or a teasing comb.
Jasmine Dustin wearing a shiny satin blouse
Photo by PR Photos
One of the biggest mistakes I have seen in backcombing is when they take the section of hair up in their hand and place the comb or brush in the middle of the section of the hair and move it back and forth without taking it out of the hair. This method is a good way to achieve speedy split ends.
Her is how to do it: When you back comb, you place the comb high to the top and push it gently down, then take the comb out and repeat doing this again until you have a fuzzy knotty bush below. Then you take your brush or comb and begin to gently smooth the top over. Lift up your hair for height with the tail of the rattail comb or a large hairpin. There are those who prefer simple rat tail combs to back comb with. As you test your tools out, you'll discover what is best for you.
There is a golden tawny effect about Jasmines skin tones and she keeps her eyebrows arched into her natural attractive thickness, she wears concealor with a light shadow blended over, thick eyeliner, lashes and mascara. There is a light touch of bronze upon her cheeks and around her forehead and a light coral lip tint. She is wearing a black satin blouse with black slacks and a wide belt. Her accessories are a golden neck chain and a black banded watch.
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