Jasmine Dustin Hairstyles

Jasmine Dustin is an American actress and model, born on January 1st, 1983.
  • Jasmine Dustin
  • Jasmine Dustin wearing a satin blouse

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Jasmine has been seen in "Iron Man2" and "Knight Rider" and of course in many popular magazines. Her long blonde hair gives her the typical Hollywood starlet look, which seems ubiquitous these days. However Jasmine has more layers and more volume than anyone else and her hair, treated right, can inflate to enormous and an breathtaking size full of curves, wispy tips, outward flips and the glow of a warm Calfornian sun.
She also wears her color in more natural hues and so far has not succumbed to the plastic platinum that just spells bleach. Jasmin also looks great in brunette towns, but one of her best color combinations is a dark blonde with natural looking blonde highlights. It works great with her complexion and just gives her a wild and sexy touch. When not wearing the full mane, she also steals the show in sleek looks or loosely draped upstyles.
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