Jayma Mays' Reddish Hair

Jayma Mays with medium length reddish brown hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Jayma Mays has medium-length reddish-brown hair with tones of golden streaks throughout her long layers. Her hair sweeps over one side, dips slightly over her eye, and then joins with the coils on the sides that have been styled away from her face.
Her flattering reddish hair color brings out the warmth in her eyes and gives them a coppery appearance. The haircut barely touches her shoulders, so it doesn't drag her face down or limit her hairstyles.
Light is right for Jayma when it comes to makeup because she not only looks like the girl next door but an attractive one. Her brows are finely shaped, she wears light shadow and eyeliner, light lashes and mascara, barely any blush if any, and a neutral pink lip tint.
Jayma Mays with shoulder length hair
Photo by PR Photos
Jayma Mays wearing her hair at almost shoulder length
Photo by PR Photos
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