Fake Bob Up-Style

Jasmine Dustin with her hair up in a fake bob
Photo by PR Photos
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Jasmine Dustin wears her hair above her neckline in a fake bob up-style fashion with long strands for bangs (February 25th, 2007). This is an excellent choice for her as she probably has thin hair.
Her style is centered in the middle and the stylist has no doubt used heavy products such as gel or lotion. It had to be blown dry aggressively, to bring out some volume and an uplift in the back.
The sides are pulled back along with the top and fashioned with a comb or decorative clasp, with the exception of one small hanging strand in the front section.
This is a fun style and easy to keep up and gives the illusion of having a lot of hair. If you do have thin hair, remember to apply heavy gels before blow drying. When dry, spray with a good reputable hairspray and while you are spraying fix the ends where you want them to be. Way to go girl!
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