Hilary Swank Hairstyles

Home grown, American actress Hilary Swank was born on July 30th, 1974 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Her career started in 1992 with a part in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and a couple of years later as Julie Pierce in The Next Karate Kid.
  • Hilary Swank
  • Hilary Swank with her hair styled up
  • Hilary Swank with long curly hair
  • Hilary Swank's new short hairstyle
  • Hilary Swank with a bob haircut
  • Hilary Swank and her new short haircut
  • shimmery sliver dress
  • Hilary Swank's simple elegant hairstyle

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November 2nd 2007 Hilary got her hair cut off by Oprah Winfrey to donate it to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign.
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