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Hair Clipped Around the Ears

There must have been several admiring glances when Halle Berry attended the Benefit for the Jenesse Center and The Trevor Project "An Evening of Awareness" in New York on November 16, 2009.
Halle's pixie haircut is full of moxie and all the rage, it is simple to do with the nape cut up close to the head and the sides cut around the ears with a couple of curls along the sides. The top and the crown have scattered surfs made with applying gel between your hands and running your hands throughout your hair in upward motions of swirls.
Anti smoothness is totally in vogue! Halle's hairstyle is for someone who doesn't really want to take an hour in the bathroom after they shower doing their hair. Halle's hairstyle is for someone who is busy and on the move, someone who desires to look good every minute without an effort.
Have you ever decided to cut your hair again and then wonder what took you so long again when you experience how easy it is to take care of and look so good all of the time? Naturally, it does depend upon the texture of your hair, if you have straight hair and desire those snappy curls that Halle has, you could get a body perm to snap right in place.
Halle has arched eyebrows, subtle shadow, thin eyeliner, lashes, mascara, light bronzing and light lip gloss. She is wearing a shiny black mini dress with dark stockings. There is a grey jacket that matches her suede clutch bag and black shoes. Halle favors wearing a good amount of black.
Halle Berry wearing a shiny black mini dress Halle Berry's feminine pixie haircut Halle Berry's very short hairstyle
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