Halle Berry's Long Hair with Waves

Halle Berry - Long hairstyle with waves
Photo by PR Photos
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Celebrity Halle Berry never fails to please us with her on going beauty. Doesn't it seem that some gals can look good no matter what their hair looks like and no matter what they wear.
Halle is one of those people who'd look good hanging diapers on the clothes line, in an old sack dress and without any make-up on! Let's face it; in all of our lives a little rain must fall, should we try to compare ourselves with Ms. Berry, she's definitely a class act!
The soft waves around her face appeal to the treasure in her eyes.
If this look defines your taste, begin with your hair clean and dry. Start on the top, by using hot rollers if desired and roll everything towards the back with the exception of one section that dips slightly on the forehead. Roll that area under. When dry gently comb back to reveal your earrings and spray.
Halle Berry wearing her hair long with waves
Photo by PR Photos
Halle Berry - Hairstyle for black women with long hair
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Halle Berry wearing a golden shimmer dress
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