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Halle Berry's Long Warm Brown Hair

We've all seen Halle Berry wear short, long, curly, straight and medium length hair and she can wear everyone of those styles very successfully. Maybe it's the coveted small waist she is showing off in this most remarkable black dress she is wearing.

Can a tiny waist make a hairdo look good? Surely this is a contributing factor in the scheme of things we see. Look at those dropped sleeves on her dress, so dressy and feminine Halle!
The color of her hair is a medium warm brown and becomes Ms. Berry. Truthfully, I think our celebrity would look much more elegant in her short hair. If she has a 22 inch waist; by wearing short hair, her waist would look two inches less.
Does this mean, we should all run out and clip our hair off? Would you like your waist to look a few inches less than what it is? A good posture and a good haircut will deceive even the most critical of your friends.
Besides, following through on a tip like this, could get you to Broadway while your friends are writing resumes for Disneyland. I guess it could be the difference between fine wine and a cheap port, or the difference between a donut and a French pastry. Now, you are getting the picture!
Halle Berry will shave her head bald in her new movie "Nappily Ever After". The movie will include a scene where she shaves off all her hair. Pretty soon we'll see something we've never seen before: a bald Halle Berry. Very soon her long locks will be history and she will be back to her trademark super short hair.
Halle Berry's long warm brown hair Halle Berry with long hair - Straight hairdo
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