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Long Hairstyle for a Heart Shaped Face

Back in August 15, 2010 Haley Ramm was at the Zooey Magazine Launch Benefiting the Farm Sanctuary. Teenage Haley wore her straight long hair with a part on the one side and in long angles brushed around and flowing below her shoulders.
Haley Ramm - Sleek long hairstyle for a heart shaped face
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Her sweet smile will melt a cold heart in the middle of winter. She keeps her eyebrows in a well kept tweeze, but not too thin and in more of a medium thickness.
Tip: never go too thin on your eyebrows, as they have tendency to promote a hard look. There is a grayish blue eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. Her rose pink lip tone is a sure winner to present softness with her trendy necklace and feminine gray top.
Haley Ramm look for a teenage girl with long hair Haley Ramm - Straight long hairstyle for teeage girls
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