Haley Ramm Hairstyles

Haley Ramm is an American actress, born March 26th, 1992. She is know for her role as Jean Grey in X-Men.
  • Haley Ramm
  • Haley Ramm's long bob

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Haley has found a great style with her long hair that she wears parted on the side and gently layered and textured in the lower quarter. Her hair falls sleek and silky and is all out of her face.
This basic hairstyle can easily be dressed up or down with the addition of some waves and curls, for a glam look, or a fun outward flip for a chic afternoon outing. It is also long enough for ponytails, buns and updos.
Haley has a round to heart shaped face and does well with all hairstyles that are long and have a "stretching" effect. Solid bangs, especially with a blunt edge tend to make her face appear rounder than it is.
If she chooses a fringe, then it should either be a diagonal side fringe or long and strongly textured so that it appears light and playful. Haley's hair color of choice is mostly a warm chestnut brown with a tinge of red.
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