Eyebrows: Tweezing and Shaping

It’s a facet of the appearance that if it’s NOT well-managed can ruin the effect of any make-up look. Yet, when it’s done right, it’s not something that people will notice. Of course, we’re talking about eyebrows. Whether they’re sparse and feeble-looking, wild and wiry, or a single uni-brow, the eyebrows can make or break your look.
Over the years, the concept of the perfect eyebrows has evolved. Women have done everything - from clipping and snipping, to shaving and redrawing, to plucking and tweezing - to reshape the eyebrows with which they were born. And sadly, many of them have done a poor job of making the brows look good, simply because they didn’t know how to do any better.
That’s where we come in. We’re here to give you some important tips in shaping your eyebrows to help you look your very best. Let’s start with the important tools:
  • Small scissors
  • Small, fine-tooth comb (or eyebrow/lash tool)
  • Small, soft brush (or eyebrow/lash tool)
  • Tweezers (rounded-tip or blunt)
  • Wax strips (optional)
  • Eyebrow pencil
All the tools listed above are pretty self-explanatory. The eyebrow/lash tool mentioned is a common tool found in cosmetic brush kits and is used to direct and separate the lashes after applying mascara, or to smooth and direct the brows.
The tweezers recommended are the type with a rounded or blunt tip as opposed to the pointed tip type. While those with a pointed tip may allow for more pin-point targeting, they also are prone to pinching and poking the skin and can cause red marks and irritation. Remember: safety first, especially around the eyes.
You can find simple, ready-to-use wax strips for removing facial hair at your local beauty supply store. These are sized for use on the face and are extremely convenient when compared to the amount of time needed to warm up even a small tub of wax. You can simply rub the dual strips (they come in pairs with the sticky sides together) between your palms to warm them and then pull them apart to use them.
Common Brow Shapes:
Brow shapes
The popular shape of the brows has also evolved over the years, until there is now a commonly-accepted ‘ideal’ for the eyebrows. However, there are a couple of other options that have held on in some areas, and which serve some women well as they suit their face shape better than the ‘popular’ shape does. The three most common brow shapes are Natural, Rounded, and Arched.
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