Emily Bergl Hairstyles

Emily Bergl is a British actress, born April 25th, 1975. She is known for her roles as Rachel Lang on the film The Range: Carrie 2, Beth Young in Desperate Housewives and Andie O'Donnell on Men in Trees.
  • Emily Bergl
  • Emily Bergl with short hair and curls
  • blousing short haircut

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Quirky Emily has that sweet heart shaped face that is just predestined for a short pixie cut. Her bubbly persona is also well expressed in short curly hairstyles and a feisty red tone. Emily wears her hair medium long to short, but has also had periods of longer hair, volumized with curls and featuring bangs, either straight and textured or off to the side.
While longer looks with neat curls tend to give her a matronly air, Emily cannot go wrong with edgy short haircuts. Geometric lines, lots of texture and even asymmetrical elements suit her extremely well. Tapered sides on a medium long cut that are feathered into her face are a winner just like the classic bob with some modern texture.
Emily has a bit of a dominant forehead and the best hairstyles for her, feature at least a partial fringe and best with much softening razor cut tips.
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