Short 1960s Hairstyle

Emily Bergl - 1960s style for short hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Emily Bergl graced the cameras with a big smile while at the Los Angeles premiere of "Faster". She wore her hair in fluffy layers with small spirals similar to a short early 1960s hairstyle with curls toward the face and the short bangs styled sideways over the forehead.
A setting with conventional rollers will form this hairstyle into a firm set followed by a spritz of spray. Her hair color was a taffy whipped strawberry blonde that gave the delicacy of cotton candy.
Her small earrings hung just below her hairstyle and served as a sign of her attractive pointy chin and heart shape face. Emily's fair complexion is noticed with her light thin eyebrows and dark lashes.
There is a simple light blush upon her cheeks and a coral pink lip tone. With Emily's beautiful hair color and fair skin, a color close up around her face would enhance her coloring such as greens, blues and a rose.
Short 60 hairstyle with curls - Emily Bergl
Photo by PR Photos
Short hairstyle with short bangs styled sideways - Emily Bergl
Photo by PR Photos
Side view of Emily Bergl's short curly hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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