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Diane Keaton Hairstyle

Diane Keaton attended the world premiere of "Morning Glory" in New York on November 7, 2010. She wore her shoulder length hair with a large angled zigzag part and her top brushed down along the side of her face.
Her hair looks to be lightly fringed on the ends with a razor that tips along her shoulders. Simple and factual with no fuss just the plain facts mam!

Diane wears heavy eye makeup with eyeliner, mascara and no blush. She is wearing a coral rose tint lip tone. Her colors are blonde, white and black.
Diane Keaton wearing a black turtleneck Diane Keaton - no fuss hairstyle for older women Diane Keaton - Simple medium hairstyle for older women Diane Keaton wearing a turtleneck and short leather dress
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