Youthful Fun Look with Pigtails

Diane Farr wearing her long hair in pigtails
Photo by PR Photos
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The American actress Diane Farr, best known for her role in the hitseries "Numb3rs" had a retro - back to college - moment.
A poufy fur sleeve jacket from the 80s, very 70s tight Jim "Light my Fire" Morrison leather pants, a turtleneck and the sometimes inevitable pigtails come together creating a youthful and fun look for an afternoon out in the cold.
Her thick hair was parted just a touch off the middle and tied into two full pigtails right behind the ears. The few lose strands falling into the forehead are a nice touch just as the hoop earrings.
Diane Farr - Youthful hairstyle with long pigtails
Photo by PR Photos
Diane Farr - Retro 1970s and 1980s fashion
Photo by PR Photos
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