Hair Smoothed Back with a French Twist

Christina Aguilera wearing her hair smoothed back
Photo by PR Photos
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Christina Aguilera went to the MTV Movie Awards and wore her hair smoothed back and sculptured into a glamorous French twist that started from the nape all the way up to the top of her head. She keeps her hair in a light platinum beige color.
Most stylists consider Christina's hair texture to be an easy and fun creation. With a twist of the wrist a good stylist can bring smoothness or creative coils in a matter of minutes and with the right product the hairstyle will last.
There is a considerable amount of upkeep involving moisturizing products such as shampoos, after conditioners and leave in conditioners to insure the health of the hair. Today there are moisturizing gels, smoothing serums and spritz to help along the way.
Side view of Christina Aguilera's updo with a French twist
Photo by PR Photos
Christina's pointy chin is a real plus and gives length to her face. When the chin is pointy like that of Christina's, her cheekbones are set to look higher and this brings a true picture of her oval frame.
Her eyebrows are lightly brushed and created into a round arch, there is a slight smoky eye shadow that has been applied over a lighter color. Eye liner, lashes and mascara all make up her pretty eyes. She wears a minimal amount of blush and the topper is her vivid fire engine red lip tint.
Christina Aguilera wearing her hair up and pulled back
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Back view of Christina Aguilera's up-style with a French twist
Photo by PR Photos
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