Christina Aguilera Hairstyles

silvery white hair extensions tight high ponytail Christina Aguilera sporting a fifties look Christina Aguilera with white hair Christina Aguilera's short bob fashionable short bob Christina Aguilera's hair smoothed back
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Christina Aguilera, born on December 18, 1980, is an American singer and songwriter.
The petite girl with the huge voice never ceases to surprise her fans with new and outrageous looks. A true diva needs big hair, and Christina often enhances her fine strands by adding extensions of various lengths and even in contrasting colors.
Medium to long hairstyles are the best for her heart-shaped face, but longer hair works well too as long as there is volume and texture. Short crops or styles with most of the volume above the ears would throw off the balance of her proportions.
Christina likes bold styles and strong colors, ranging from ebony black to platinum blonde to lightning white, and at times a mix of both.
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