Cher Lloyd 1970s Look

Cher Lloyd's 1970s look hairstyle
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Twenty-three year old singer, songwriter, rapper, and model, Cher Lloyd wasn’t alive in the 1970s but she sure pulls off a 70s vibe!
Cher showed up to the 64th Annual BMI Pop Awards looking like she stepped straight off a runway from the early 1970s, from her blackr over the knee boots to her mini bouffant hairstyle.
Her long brunette hair is parted down the center, a style, made popular in that era by fictional television character Marcia Brady. Her braid strategically separates the bangs area from the crown.
Hairfinder suggests using a headband that has braided hair already on it for the easiest styling. To make this hairstyle your own, begin by parting the hair down the center and then use the headband to separate the hair in the crown and fringe area. Next backcomb the hair in the crown for some height.
Next, comb hair over the teased section and smooth it down. Spritz some shine spray on the mid shaft of the hair. Then use a curling iron to flip the ends out and apply a flexible hairspray to them... and there you go! You too, now have a modern take on the vintage bouffant!
Cher Lloyd - Vintage hair with a braided headband
Photos by PR Photos
Cher Lloyd - 1970s fashion
Photo by PR Photos
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