Chelsea Staub's Foiled Hair

Chelsea Staub - Long layered hairstyle for thick hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Chelsea Staub has traditional foiled blonde hair that is developed with the lighter brown color in her long layered hairstyle. There is a heavy zigzag high part that brings both sides of the top over into a pouf.
The heavier side of her thick hair rides down one part of the eye and flips up along the side. The other side blends in easily with the rest of the hair. The attractive threads of hair fall into a mixed gathering of waves and curls while tumbling around her shoulders.
We can see that Chelsea keeps her eyebrows tweezed thin and uses a light stroke of pencil to blend in where needed. There is smoky brown shadow that connects within her eyes through the eyeliner, lashes and mascara. Her make-up is topped with a faint light blush and a pastel pink lip tint that shows off her cute button chin.
Chelsea Staub with long foiled hair
Photo by PR Photos
Chelsea Staub wearing a silk V-neck dress
Photo by PR Photos
She is wearing a low V-necked silk taupe color dress with a yet longer thick gold plated necklace.
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