Round Knobbed Chignon

Cate Blanchett wearing her hair up in a chignon
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Cate Blanchett wore her multi-tonal blonde hair styled smoothly back and away from her face, going over her ears in a round, knobbed chignon off to one side at the "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" Premiere in Los Angeles.
Many times, when we wear our hair in such a straight manner, all the different tonal flavors in the hair are revealed more than with a curly hairstyle. For instance, Cate's beige-blonde hair becomes more apparent, with the warm tones of her light brown hair that we can see underneath the blonde.
Her hairstyle is a quick fix once you learn how to brush your hair back and get the swing of wrapping your hair over to the side to secure and twisting your ends into the perfect flower.
Back view of Cate Blanchett's knobbed chignon
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Another thought is to compare the colors you wear with your hair. Cate is wearing a bright turquoise one-shoulder dress that is perfect for her hair color. Her round earrings are also a plus because she has an oval face with high cheekbones.
A round face would look more round if they were to wear round earrings. It would be better to wear drop earrings or triangles to help lengthen a round face.
Back view Cate Blanchette's wrapped hair
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Cate Blanchett wearing a turquoise one shoulder dress
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