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Easy Very Short Haircut

Cassandra Freeman - Very short haircut
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Are you watching this celebrity? She is coming up in the ranks and fast! Let's look at her stunning haircut (March 7th, 2007). This style of hairstyles is wickedly short! This style is simple. This style is fun and oh, so easy for anyone who has the steel to try it.
This haircut has probably been clipped about 1 1/2 inches all over her head, if that. The lower back is a bit more scant while increasing in length as you go up into the crown area. The sides are clipped very close, next to nothing! Once again, it is a fade type of cut as it increases in length while moving toward to top. The top and crown are no doubt the longest areas.
Cassandra Freeman wearing a shiny red dress Side view of Cassandra Freeman's very short hairstyle Very short and easy hairstyle - Cassandra Freeman
What would be the care for such a statement? Wash, condition, towel dry and leave. If I thought I would look as fetching as Cassandra Freeman I would shave my head tomorrow.
Let's have a little reality check here. Some of us just do not have the shape of face, the body or the high cheek bones our fashion plate has. No wonder that handsome fellow is kissing her. We certainly can admire her though, can't we?
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