Ciara Hairstyles

Ciara Ciara's hair styled in a ponytail Ciara's hair brushed tightly back Ciara's short hairstyle
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Ciara is an American singer, actress and fashion model, born on October 25th, 1986.
She has shown us the many things one can do with long hair and how to transform it to new expressions just by altering the texture and playing with the color. And then she did it. The unspeakable.
She chopped off her super long mane. Her short, extremely textured haircut is sassy, feisty, sexy and gives her a new vibrant edge and charisma. Even her smile appears to be brighter.
No wonder, since she probably has much less work with the short hairdo. The asymmetrical line works great with her features and brings attention to her eyes and her cheekbones, while it tones down her dominant forehead.
A variety of lengths all around are fun and present different views from every angle. Even with the short hair she can continue to play and explore many different styling options.
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