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Ciara & Sarah Harding

Ciara - 07/25/2009

Ciara with short hair Ciara's short hairstyle packs plenty of punch and captures the energy in her brown eyes. Her hair is styled in choppy jagged layers that lie in a lightning type angle taking over a side of her face.The crown pops up with a single piece revealing the short length that offers volume around her head. The jazzy sides streamline in cunning unique threads with a neck covering fringe in the back.
Ciara's golden skin tone brings attractive blushes of tawny and warmth accompanied by smoky shadow, eyeliner and mascara. There is a light white pink lip color. Her light grey/blue attractive satin dress has large wide shouldered sleeves and tucks together in the center. Ciara can wear any color successfully because of her skin tone. Her best colors would be orange, yellow and turquoises.
Sarah Harding - 07/26/2009

Sarah Harding  - Short hair with a covered neckline Although Sarah Harding uses a high degree of chemical service to get the white platinum color that we see on her hair, she keeps her hair cut short in longer spiffy angles that cover her eye and lie upon one side. She is wearing the typical long top shag hairstyle with the laced covered neckline. Although her hair can peek over her ears, she wears her ends around the ears. Her crown is short enough to gather up the desired pouf. Her makeup is with a light touch on the foundation with blush/bronzing and thin brows, eyeliner, lashes and mascara and slick lip tint.
Sarah's strapless sky blue gown is a perfect color for her skin color, eyes and platinum hair. The only other color that would bring just a little bit more oomph is red. Her tiny loopy earrings are a petite addition to the dress.