Ana Carolina da Fonseca Hairstyles

Ana Carolina da Fonseca is an American actress, model and television personality, born October 25th, 1978 in Brazil. She appeared on the series El Blablazo and the telenovela Te Amaré en Silencio.
Ana Carolina da Fonseca
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The raven haired Latin Beauty turned heads with her long, flowing hair until she cut a good part of it off to shine in a medium long bob with a charming inward curve and textured edges. The long diagonal fringe-line and side partition make it especially attractive and give it chic sophistication without taking away any of her youthful energy.
The shorter haircut gives her a very polished and modern look with a fun edge, while the long hair was, despite being sexy and attractive, a bit of a stereotype. However she used it well and created different gorgeous hairstyles with it by pulling it back into a partial pony-tail, parted it in the middle and also often on the sides, wore it in shiny sleek simplicity or with waves and curls galore.
Her hair colors range from dark brown to almost black and the crazy shine seems to be built in as it never seems to fade.
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