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Long Brown Hair with Curls

Ana de la Reguera was born as Anabell Gardoqui De La Reguera in Veraqcruz, Mexico. She is quite striking in her long brunette hair (January 15th, 2007). Designed in long layers below her shoulders. This just might be the hairstyle you are looking for.

First, ask yourself how tight you would like your curls. If you would like this style and know your hair falls easily out of its curled style; a good idea might be for you to use regular sized rollers and begin on your clean wet hair after applying a good heavy styling gel; at the crown rolling everything under as you go.
Move to your top rolling everything back and to the sides rolling back as well vertically. Dry and gently brush out with a space brush allowing your hair to fall naturally.
Ana de la Reguera's long curled hair Ana de la Reguera - Long hairstyle with curls Ana de la Reguera wearing a long black and white dress with a bow
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