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Alice Greczyn & Christian Serratos

Alice Greczyn - 01/29/2009
Alice Greczyn with long sleek hair
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Alice Greczyn has a slightly angled part with very smooth long lengths that dip way past her shoulders. Her hair is long, sleek and shiny from the flat iron and gloss and exhibits a willowy picture to her ends. I would love to see Alice's hair pulled back into a chignon along the base of her nape. She would look much more sophisticated.
She is all decked out in the color grey with a gorgeous long thick piece of silver necklace that not only goes well with her dress but matches her purse. Her makeup goes along with the natural trend for today with touches of color in the foundation, eyeliner, mascara, light smoky shadow very well blended, subtle bronzing and a neutral shade of lip tint.
Christian Serratos - 01/29/2009
Chirstian Serratos - Hair that flips just above the shoulders
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Christian Serratos has luscious deep dark brown hair that is cut to flip just above the shoulders. Her hair can also be brushed under. The top has been back brushed and combed lightly back away from the face with a dark band positioned securely to keep the hair in place. With a full exposure of her face, we can see the oval structure and a little bit how she wears her makeup. A smoky light grey shadows corner her eyes and then blend into a taupe and darker lids. Eyeliner, mascara, a few penciled in brows, bronzing and a rose color lip tint bring a stunning effect with her hair color and long black beads.