Amber Benson Hairstyles

Amber Benson is an American actress, born January 8th, 1977.
Amber Benson with long parted hair Amber Benson's short hair Amber Benson's fresh long hairstyle
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Amber's transition from long, thick hair to short and much textured tresses caused a mix of reactions among her fans. After years of wearing her hair long and sleek, the dark blonde star did the "unspeakable" and cut it all off. This metamorphosis gives her a new, chic and fun vibe and she must be having a lot of fun, trying out different stylings for her ear-free shag cut.
Even though short haircuts are often said to be androgynous, this really does not apply to Amber's short hairdo. It even underlines her sensual, feminine expression by bringing much more attention to her expressive face.
She also shows some flexibility when it comes to her hair color. Without going to extremes she easily moves between tones of dark blonde, copper and darker, earthy brown tones, which especially enhance the radiance of her light skin and her blue eyes.
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