Alison Pill Hairstyles

Alison Pill is a Canadian actress, born November 27th, 1985 in Toronto.
Alison Pill Alison Pill's hairstyle with beachy waves Alison Pill with new shorter hair
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This cute redhead has tried on a great range of different hairstyles and perhaps learned a few lessons. Alison has a round to heart shaped face with a wide forehead and peachy cheeks.
She can bring out her features best with haircuts that keep the volume, especially on the sides, under control and are longer than her chin line. A shoulder length sleek cut with fun bangs and perhaps some feathering along the sides to soften up the lines is one haircut that works great with her look and fun disposition.
Very long bangs tend to shorten a face and it is often a better choice to wear them in a "light" version, with a shorter length or diagonal and always with some softening texture. Updos and playful curls give Alison a very romantic touch that is supported by her hair color ranging from warm blonde to red tones.
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