Alison Pill's Hair with Bangs

Alison Pill - Easy to do long hairstyle with bangs
Photo by PR Photos
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Alison Pill was at the cast photo opportunity of "This Wide Night" in New York City. The razzle dazzle of raves over the color of Alison's reddish brown hair that was creatively lightened and darkened with strips of auburn around her style brought good reviews from many professionals around the globe.
Her color is completely whimsical and her haircut is very light with long textured bangs that graze below her eyebrows. Her ends rest a few inches below her shoulders in well defined airy ends. Place this long hairstyle on your easy to do list and think about trying it out. A simple blow dry and you are more than ready for the beach.
The first thing we might notice when we look at Alison is the fabulous red color of her hair and the next thing would be her apple cheeks and bangs. Most of the time bangs add to a photograph, unless they are taking away from the prettiness of the eyes. In Alison's case, we cannot see her eyebrows very well that define her eyes and set the picture for their frame.
Alison Pill look with jeans and a black blazer
Photo by PR Photos
We can tell she has beautiful eyes and uses a light smoky shadow with eyeliner and mascara. Although her color is exceptional when we look closely the bangs seem to be cutting her face in half. She is young and can get away with it, but could look much more attractive with her bangs resting on the top of her eyebrows to bring her eyes into the picture.
Her makeup is attractive with today's natural look of light feathery blush and a light medium pink lip tone.
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