Make Your Breasts Look Bigger

Woman who is wearing a turtleneck to make her breasts look bigger
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Q: How can I make my breasts look bigger? I don’t want to wear push up bras and stuff like that. What normal and comfortable clothes will make my boobs look larger?
A: In most cases, the best means of making the breasts appear their fullest is to make sure to wear clothes that fit properly. Avoid loose-fitting broadcloth shirts and blouses and go for clothing with a knitted fabric that has some give and stretch to it.
The garments must gently contour to your body. This doesn’t mean that they should be tight or in any way make you appear like an over-stuffed sausage, but neither should they hang limply on you. Turtlenecks will help to make your breasts look bigger.
In addition, make sure you have a properly sized bra. All too often, women wear a bra that isn’t the correct size for them. To properly size your bra, take a tape measure and measure your chest just below your breasts. Note this measurement as it is the number size you will be seeking. Next measure around your breasts at their biggest point (for most women this is just at or below the nipple) and note this number as well.
For the first number (which is the band size) if the measurement is an even number, add 4 inches. If it is an odd number, add 5 inches. So, if the actual measurement is either 33 or 34 inches, the adjusted number will be 38. Now take the second number and subtract the first number (adjusted) and make note of the difference. For example: the measurement of the breasts at their fullest point was 42 inches. So we subtract the adjusted number of 38 from the 42, and that leaves 4 inches.
Measuring for a bra
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This number is what determines your cup size. The cup size is roughly equal to inch per cup size increment. “AA” is anything up to ½”. So, a 38 inch adjusted first number with 4 inches left over from the second number means that you have a 38D bra size.
The importance of a properly fitted bra is that it allows you to have precision in your shape and gives the right support in the right areas of the torso. This lets you maximize what you have without artifice. And remember, good support doesn’t mean binding or having your breasts strapped into immobility, it just means that you have your body exactly as it is meant to be.
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