Make Your Breasts Look Smaller

Good fitting blouses or shirts to make your breast look smaller
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Q: How can I make my breasts look smaller?
A: Minimizing the look of the breasts is about creating a smooth silhouette that overlays the bosom area.
Avoid blouses that are too-tight or trying to "mash down" the breasts. Focus instead of garments that elongate the look of the body, and help to create a sense of proportion and balance.
A good fitting blouse or shirt with a long jacket or sweater that makes the torso appear longer is a great way to camouflage the appearance of large bosoms. Furthermore, skirts that are flared and fuller help to balance the overall silhouette and make the body appear in proportion regardless of whether the normal appearance is top-heavy.
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Finally, be careful of accessories that draw focus to the breast line. Avoid heavy chains and beaded necklaces that fall across the bust. Keep such jewelry slimmer and of a length to hang below the bustline or at the neck. Even better, forgo necklaces and use larger earrings and sparkling accessories in other areas that will keep the attention diverted from the breasts.
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