How to Cut a Stacked Bob

In this video, Summer is doing a stacked bob tutorial. This is a fun type of bob with a stack in the back and an angle going toward the front. There are many possible variations, but in this video Summer explains how to cut the classic stacked bob. You should know how to do this cut before moving into the variations of this bob.
The video first shows how to do the sectioning for a stacked bob. The sectioning is one of the most important things with any haircut and especially with a bob you need clean straight lines. Then comes creating the first guideline, creating the stack, creating the angle for the sides, …
The end result is a stacked bob with nice clean lines and angles. Even without a lot of layering, there is enough movement in the hair for a beautiful lived-in appeal. You can adjust the style and add more layers if you want. The final layering depends on the type of hair you are working with and the end result you are looking for.
A stacked bob is one of the more difficult haircuts, and it is important to practice on a mannequin first to perfect your cutting technique. Many people also refer to this as an angled bob.
Summer is a licensed cosmetologist and you will find many more hair tutorials on her YouTube channel!
How to section hair for a stacked bob
Creating the guideline for a stacked bob
How to cut the angled sides of a stacked bob
How to cut a stacked bob
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