Hair Cutting with Heated Scissors (2)

Healthy hair with sealed tips after cutting
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THE CARECUT – Essential for long hair
The prerequisite and the greatest challenge of the trendy long-haired styles is the well-cared-for look. This can be quite stressful since anyone who wishes to have long hair does not wish to have any inches cut. However, the longer the hair is, the more exposed it is to a variety of influences.
Environmental influences such as air pollution, temperature fluctuations, and UV light, as well as chemical treatments (e.g., dye) or mechanical loads (e.g., hair dryer or flat iron), can damage the hair. As a result, the substance which fills the spaces in the layers of fibre from the root to the end with its own moisturising and care substances dries out bit by bit.
The results can be seen and felt: The hair loses shine, volume, and resilience. At shoulder length, the ends may become dull, thin, and brittle. And split ends occur. When this happens, many decide to cut their hair. But the dream of having silky long hair need not end here!
Photo: Comparison between hair cut the normal way and hair cut using THE CARECUT scissors with sealed tips.
For a long-lasting fresh-from-the-salon sensation
Similar to a conditioner or hair mask, THE CARECUT ensures volume, shine, resilience, and elasticity, but without any chemical treatments. It is gentle, environmentally-friendly, and has a long-lasting effect.
Heated hair cutting shears
THE CARECUT is particularly suited to long hair, or hair that you wish to grow long without risking frayed and frizzy ends. THE CARECUT is more than just a haircut, it is also a wellness treatment.
Split ends are a thing of the past. The hair feels healthy and is evenly strong all the way to the tips. THE CARECUT is definitely the most efficient method of strengthening and protecting the hair. It fulfils the dream of long hair – simply BEAUTIFUL LONG-CUT.
Healthy long hair
THE CARECUT is available in all participating salons. Additional information and a salon finder can be found on the website