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How To Choose Haircutting Shears (2)

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You can also get around this by choosing shears that feature replaceable blades. Many stylists like this option, because A) the shears tend to be less expensive, and B) you can keep multiple sets of replacements on hand, so that you never have to wait for your shears to be sharpened. You simply put on a new set of blades.
Ergonomically Speaking…
There’s been a modern trend in manufacturing shears for cutting hair to make shears using an “off-set blade” design, as opposed to the more traditional, “even-ended” design. The theory being that the off-set blade was more comfortable and allowed better alignment and positioning of the blades during use in order to reduce the stress on the hands and fingers.
comb, scissors and cut hair For this reason, some people swear by the off-set shears and encourage others to use them as well. But the fact is that experts now believe that the BEST course of action is to use scissors of both designs and to change up the use regularly. This helps to prevent the repetitive movements that can result in damage to the hands and wrists in the long-term.
But What About the Cost?
As you’ve already noticed, I’ve avoided discussing specific makers and brands of haircutting shears. Frankly, there are far too many out there, and the price ranges vary so widely that finding the right shears for you means that you have to look for something which will give you quality you can depend on, within your personal budget.
You’ll find everything from plain and simple utilitarian designs, to ornate engraving and shapes, to exotic metals and finishes. I’ve seen shears made from titanium with jewels in the pivot, silver plated shears with laser-etched designs along the length of the blade, iridescent finishes, and even anodized stainless/surgical-steel in myriad colors. In fact, a quick, five-minute search online for “haircutting shears” revealed sites offering shears whose prices ranged from as low as $42.99 (U.S. dollars) to $849.00 (U.S. dollars). When you’re talking about that kind of variety, it becomes a very personal choice.
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