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Sexy Silver Foxes and Makeup (2)

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      Apply your lipstick with a lip brush. It is important to select your color wisely. Today’s trend has gone overboard and is practically not wearing any color at all, and all women need color on their face. A light rose is good or a neutral pink, some believe thin lips shouldn’t necessarily wear the darker colors because they start to look too severe. Nothing looks as crazy as a pair of thin lips made to look too large with a red pencil and set in bright red blaze of color.
      I believe thin lips can wear bright colors, but it is all in the application of how you do it. Something’s got to give. With practice, you can look like you have a medium size lips instead of thin. The right lip brush and lip liner will do wonders for you. If you have over sized lips, shadow out where you’d rather be minimized and put a touch of lighter color in the center. No need to outline your lips, as it would add unnecessary drama that you are trying to avoid.
      Let’s talk about blush. We all need it and few are wearing it today. Everyone needs a small touch of blush, even the younger celebrities. Some put too much bronze and blush on and end up with a raccoon look. If you have an olive skin, a nice light brush of a terra cotta around your cheeks will definitely bring out your eyes and bone structure. If you tend to be fairer, try a pale pink or light coral depending on your eyes. By all means, do brush some on though, as it will strengthen your cheekbones.
      When it comes to eyes, you can either make or break them by how you put your make up on. If you have small eyes, it would be to your best advantage not to use any black shadow or any eyeliner. Use beige shades and pastels to open them up. A lightly smudged pastel smoky green under your eyes might be just what opens up your eyes. If they are set too closely together, open them up with a light fawn color between the creases of your eyes. If they are set too far apart, use a darker concealor to bring them closer and a neutral shadow over it, like the fawn beige. The important part is to apply the darker concealor first.
      If your eyes are large, you have the luxury of being free to use dark eyeliner on the top and bottom of your eyes with dark and light shadows blended together. Many women wouldn’t think of going anywhere without their false eyelashes today. There are also separate ones you could add instead of going the whole gamut and putting on the whole eyelashes. Separate ones would look much more natural and delicate to the wearer. Everything depends upon what sort of message you are trying to get across to others and what kind of image you are seeking to have for yourself. For a night club look, almost anything goes, with the deep midnight shadows and thick lush lashes, but this is not anything you would want to wear to work every day.
      A rule of thumb is that less is more refined, natural and delicate. In fact, when you wash your face, you aren’t going to look that much different; so you wouldn’t frighten your boyfriend when he sees you without your makeup. More can be risky, mysterious and daring. When you wash your makeup off, your boyfriend has a whole new different looking person to contend with. Surprise sweetie, this is the real me! The ideal choice with your makeup is to find the bridge between the two and become satisfied with a good balance.
      The Sexy Silver Foxes usually find the bridge and end up feeling better about themselves then they did when they were younger.
Penny Williams - Hair Stylist
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