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Sexy Silver Foxes

      One morning while getting ready for work, you notice the lady in the mirror with a few silver linings smiling back at your reflection. While the ways of the world says that “grey” is the sign of age; this is not the end of the world, but a new beginning to all silver haired ladies. Just because there is some refined silver in our hair doesn’t mean we still aren’t turning heads from admiring glances. Believe me, it happens! By the way, our hair is called silver or platinum, not grey. When I think of the color of grey, I think of battle ships and that is definitely not us!
      Not only do we have stronger spines filled with glorious wisdom gained by many years of experience, but by the time we get 75-85% silver in our hair we are completely filled with such confidence, we actually walk taller because we have earned and learned the height of our worth. After all, our age is only numbers and everyone has them, the only difference is how we use what has been given to us.
      I have heard a great many comments about having grey hair, not silver. The truth is many beautiful women have been covering it up for so many years; they honestly do not know the real color of their hair anymore and nodding with me, they agree. You get used to having a blonde look back at you in the morning. When you part your hair and see all of that “grey” hair next to your blonde, can be earth shattering. You ask yourself, “what happened and when did all of this begin?” You are more in shock, then able to see the real color of your hair at the time. When you think about letting it grow out, you find you do not have the patience needed to follow it through, all because of this horrendous looking new growth that seems to scream back at you about age.
Lee Meriwether       Smile; here are some tips for your journey: First, although you may not want to hear this; get a short haircut and you will see your new growth doesn’t look that bad at all because the old tinted hair will eventually be the lesser. Today, anything goes. Another fact is when your “grey” hair seems to look more yellow instead of silver, sometimes the reflection from your blonde hair will do this especially if you have been allowing your professional to highlight over the “grey” hair; other times if you spend a good amount of time in the sun will also discolor it. Medication can be a contributing factor, also well water that can turn your hair orange. All of these problems can be corrected with a clarifying shampoo, vinegar or baking soda.
      There are special conditioning shampoos that will help bring out the shimmer in your hair to look more silver instead of a washed out grey. Silver can be very sexy. You don’t have to cover up your natural silver hair to look younger, unless you live in Hollywood, but you should have a good shaping. If you yearn to be a Sexy Silver Fox, there are some changes that you will need to make.
      Take a good look at gorgeous Lee Meriwether, former Miss America of 1955. If anyone qualifies for our Sexy Silver Fox, it is her. She is 74 years old and actually looks like a young Kim Novak of yesteryear. Lee wears her hair cut tapered short around the nape of her neck and with her sides just tipping over her ears. The top comes over into a pouf that brings a few pieces touching her forehead. Class! Pure Class and Sexy Silver Platinum!
      Wearing your hair long will definitely age you and pull your jowls and lines further downward; however, a customized haircut will bring a new dimension to your face and off set your best facial features. For some, an attractive layered length is midway upon your neck and will still give you the versatility of longer hair that can be worn back, up or down. I suggest not having your hair shaped too short, because there are times when the softness of curls and waves are needed. Another realistic tip is to try not to strive to look like you did in high school; because it won’t happen, but with a little bit of imagination, you can take years off with your silver hair. Just imagine not worrying about getting touch ups anymore, or the upkeep.
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