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Sexy Silver Foxes and Makeup

      The Sexy Silver Fox Club has beckoned and with a little bit of trepidation and fear you decide to go completely natural with your hair and now everyone you meet is telling you just how stunning you look. Some of your friends are even saying that “if they had your natural hair coloring they would let theirs grow out too.”
      The perfect hairstyle is of the utmost importance when you want to look your best. A shorter cut always looks better than long grey or silver hair hanging along the sides of your face. The longest it should be is barely tipping your shoulder, you can always wear it back or up when desired and depending upon whether you have a short or long forehead would depend upon wearing some sort of bangs, but not necessarily long straight ones, leave that for the very young. Very few women of any age can wear the severely straight angled bang across their forehead successfully.
Short style for grey hair       There are times when you need a little bit of softness, not severity. Ideally a soft fringe around the face that comes just under the cheekbones can be very attractive as it will cut any extra pouch that you might have in your face. The secret is to accent the positive and eliminate the negative. In fact, I think there was an old song to that tune. Another suggestion would be sure and wear your hair above your collar or touching it, with choppy short layers 5 cm or 2 inches around your head.
      Remember, the shorter you go, the thinner you’ll appear. It will make no difference if you wear your long hair up and try to give the illusion of short hair. When you have silver hair and wear it up; it will still age you, unless you have the face and figure of Shakira in which case, then; you belong on Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Therefore, when you belong to the Sexy Silver Fox Club, you learn the tricks of an illusionist. Move over David Copperfield!
      If you have an exceptionally large or tiny head or face, you do not want to go too short, because that is all people will see. If you have been wearing your hair in a medium short bob, why not try something different with a little curl or wave in your cut. Go slowly and experiment and ask your friends advice.
      Silver hair reacts differently than your younger natural sister color did, sometimes it will come in sticking boldly up, daring you to pluck it out. It can be dry as a bale of hay or it can also be very soft or fine. Whatever way it comes in, it won’t react the same as your other color and it is for this reason that you need to scout around and find the perfect shampoos and moisturizers that work for your new hair. Go to websites that specialize in Silver hair and start educating yourself, because silver hair is very trendy today and you look sexy.
      When it comes to looking natural, the Sexy Silver Fox Club always admits they need a little help in the makeup department. We can wear a lot of makeup as long as it is the right colors and blended well. Decide what your skin tone is, for example if you tend to have a shallow skin, you will want to apply a foundation with pink or rose tones as this will help balance your color. If you happen to have too much pink or ruddiness in your features, then, you can apply a beige color. There is also correcting colors such as green that can go on first, before the initial foundation. No, you won’t look green, but it does wonders for problem skin.
      Always feel free to use concealment in the inner corners of your eyes where dark circles tend to begin. Sometimes a lighter concealor isn’t always the answer. For example, if your eyes are set far apart the last thing you want to do is to put a light concealor in the inner corners of your eyes. Rather use a medium beige color, in that way you are helping to cover up the darker splotches and still draw your eyes closer. Dark closes in, white expands. A medium toned pancake makeup will substitute for a concealor anytime. Tag both sides of your nose where one of the first trouble spots begin on the face with broken capillaries, then take a good look and dot around your face where necessary and pat lightly with your index finger.
      Always use a lip liner and brush in your color naturally. The lip liner is also good if you are particular fond of a lip pencil. If you have those dreaded wrinkled lines around your mouth and find that no matter what lipstick you put on, it seems to bleed through; try a matt lipstick, blot and then pat with a light powder. If you have thin lips draw your lips just outside their original form by first placing a dot in the center below the bottom, one on each side and then, sketch the lines.
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