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11 Reasons to Get a Short Haircut (2)

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6. It matches your active lifestyle. Low maintenance is one of the most convincing arguments for a short haircut. If you are sporty and enjoy any kind of exercise, then you might get tired of the eternal ponytail. With a short cut nothing will come in your way, slap and stick in your face or slow you down when you are swimming. Get out of the gym more quickly and enjoy more of your evening!
7. It’s stylish. Imagine all of the cute blouse collars, turtlenecks and accessories that are never seen because they are always covered by long hair. Now it is time to really show your fashion sense and enjoy new looks, new earrings and necklaces, which don’t have to hide anymore.
8. It keeps you cool. Not only does it look cool, but it also increases the air flow around your neck and you will be very happy when you feel the difference. Nothing is worse than sweating under a mass of hair in summer or if you are living in a warm climate.
woman with a stylish short haircut 9. It saves you money on hair products. Of course you need much less shampoo and conditioner, but also think about all the other lotions and potions that you use to keep your long hair shiny, supple and healthy.
10. It can make you look younger. Some short haircuts can work like an instant face lift. Long hair can be heave and drag your features down. Not so with a short haircut. Style it up and out of your face and see the amazing, immediate effect it can have!
11. It feels liberating. No more tangles, no danger of dreadlocks if you don’t brush it constantly. You can actually focus on your life instead of doing something to or with your hair several times a day. Once the weight is off you will notice that your step will have more spring, you will feel lighter all over and your smile will be a few levels brighter.
One of the strongest indicators that you are overdue for a serious cut is when you catch yourself wearing your hair more often in a scrunchy bun or ponytail than open. So, stop fantasizing and check out some cute short haircuts on this website or have your hairdresser give you a few suggestions that match your face shape and type.
If you are afraid of a very drastic change, then do it gradually, inch by inch. Perhaps start with a longer bob or layered shag style; a few weeks later have it cut to chin length. From there it is an easy step to get a trendy short crop or even a pixie cut. To find out how you will actually look without your long hair, try out some of the new software that allows you to upload a photo of yourself and test-wear several hairstyles.
After considering all this, how many reasons can you find to NOT cut your hair?
The author of this article, by the way, once went from waist length hair to a pixie, all in one step, scaring the hairdresser more than herself. There was no pain and no regrets. You can do it too!
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