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Over the last ten years or so, however, society has experienced an increase in awareness of the nature of human sexuality. And as the definitions of what it means to be a "man" have been challenged, alternative lifestyles have become more accepted.
Many prejudices that existed about men who spent time on "grooming" have faded. Men today realize that to look good, you have to care about your appearance, and that it is not only necessary to spend time taking care of yourself, but it's also "okay".
Tools and Products
As mentioned earlier in this article, for decades the hair care and beauty industry has been focused on creating hair care products geared toward (and marketing them almost exclusively to) women. From time to time, a company (usually one already making men's shaving products) has decided to make and market a man-specific hair care product. These products were often the same as their female-oriented counterparts, but were made with more masculine fragrances.
In fact, scent was traditionally a key factor in men's reluctance to use many of the hair care products available. Yet, these products specifically designed for men usually failed to perform as well as the majority of products available, and the genre of men's hair care products never reached the level of variety found in their competitors' lines.
Luckily, the mainstream hair care companies learned a lesson and began to take advantage of the gap in the marketplace. Thus, today we have styling products that are unscented, or which have neutral fragrances like citrus, or fresh, clean scents, making them equally popular with both men and women. There is no longer a need for men to be concerned about using a product and having to go the rest of the day smelling like "wildflowers" or "powder fresh".
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No, these days, men should choose their hair care products, hair coloring and styling tools the same way women do. You determine what products and tools you need based on your hairstyle, the condition of your hair and scalp, and the texture of your hair.
For example, if you have fine hair with an oily scalp, and wear your hair in a style that is short and spiky on the top, you will want a shampoo that adds body and fullness and cleans thoroughly, a light conditioner, a styling gel to give your hair the texture and lift to stand, and will probably use a blow dryer to achieve your style. Once it has been dried and styled, you may even choose to use a hair wax or pomade to add some definition to the spiky look.
There's no longer any reason for men to feel uncomfortable buying hair care products, and fortunately, most modern men don't have any issue with doing so. The goal is to look your best, and hair care products are just one way of achieving that goal. So, take inventory of your hair and the style you want to achieve, and look for the products designed to help you achieve the look you want.
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