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Hair Tips for Looking Younger (2)

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      By inverting the image of your face, you disrupt the brain’s facial recognition pattern and cause the brain to take the input differently and it lets you see yourself in a way you might not have been able to otherwise. Make notes of things that you feel are “aging issues” so that you can discuss things with your stylist later. And when you turn the picture back right side up, you’ll find you can see the real you even better. This may lead to you changing your hairstyle because of the aging effects you can now identify.
#2 – Blend; Don’t “Cover”
      Probably the most common mistakes that women make with their hair that does them no favors when it comes to the aging process is in regard to dealing with gray hair. They feel that they have to cover up the gray and make it look like it did when they were younger. The trouble is, that when you color the hair to the darkest common shade, you flatten out the haircolor completely. This doesn’t look natural. In fact, a flat monotone haircolor can make a woman look older than she actually is.
Hairstyle that makes you look younger       Have you ever looked at a young girl’s hair and compared it to the natural color of an older woman? The young person’s hair has lots and lots of different tones of color in the same basic shade that combine to create a natural looking result. The hair of the older person will be less vibrant and the colors are often more muted – still consisting of variant color strands, but not to the extent of the younger person’s hair.
      So, if you color the hair to cover gray, you are going to further flatten the color of the hair. To prevent this, you should try instead to “blend” the gray. You can do this by using a lighter shade of color than you think you need. Since the gray hair has no pigment of its own, it takes the color applied and gives you the look of highlights in the hair. And thanks to modern cosmetic chemistry advances, we now have translucent colors that will avoid flattening out the darker tones by allowing the variance in the colors to show through and keeping the hair looking natural.
      Also remember that as we get older the hair color naturally lightens as the pigment producers in the hair follicles slow down their activity. The effect is that the natural color slowly fades a bit. So, your natural color at 50 is going to be lighter than it was at 20, and if you try to wear the color you had at twenty, you may look clownish and older than you are.
#3 – Add Some “Trendy” to Your “Traditional”
      We all know that the best hairstyle for an individual is one that suits the face and features, and as a result most women end up with a basic silhouette and often have a hard time deviating too far from this look. They might go longer, or shorter, but the key aspects of the style will remain the same.
      The trouble with this is that these women often find themselves looking dated. And I understand, it’s really hard to let go of a look that you feel has served you so well. But you don’t always have to make an “extreme makeover” to completely update your look. If you have a “classic” style, perhaps all you need to do is incorporate some elements of modern trends.
      Taper the interior/underside of your classic bob cut so that the hair curves in and hugs your face. Use a razor to texture the ends of your bubble cut and style them so that they flip outward for some fun enhancements of the style. Or simply add some large soft spirals into the long hair spilling onto your shoulders. You can add current, trendy elements without having to commit to a dramatic change in your style.
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