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Have you ever looked at a young girl's hair and compared it to the natural hair color of an older woman? The young person's hair has lots and lots of different hues of color in the same basic shade that combine to create a natural-looking result. The hair of an older person will be less vibrant and the colors are often more muted – still consisting of various color strands, but not to the same extent as a younger person's hair.
So, if you color your hair to cover gray, you are going to further flatten the color of the hair. To prevent this, you should try instead to "blend" the gray. You can do this by using a lighter shade of color than you think you need. Since gray hair has no pigment of its own, it takes the color applied and gives you the look of highlights in the hair.
And thanks to modern advances in cosmetic chemistry, we now have translucent colors that will prevent flattening out the darker tones by allowing the variance in the colors to show through and keeping the hair looking natural.
Also remember that as we get older, the hair color naturally lightens as the pigment producers in the hair follicles slow down their activity. The effect is that the natural color slowly fades a bit. So, your natural color at 50 is going to be lighter than it was at 20, and if you try to wear the color you had at twenty, you may look clownish and older than your age.
#3 – Add Some “Trendy” to Your “Traditional”
We all know that the best hairstyle for an individual is one that suits their face and features, and as a result, most women end up with a basic silhouette and often have a hard time deviating too far from this look. They might go longer or shorter, but the key aspects of the style will remain the same.
The issue with this is that these women often find themselves looking dated. And I understand, it’s really hard to let go of a look that you feel has served you so well. But you don’t always have to make an extreme makeover to completely update your appearance. If you have a classic style, perhaps all you need to do is incorporate some elements of contemporary trends.
Taper the interior/underside of your classic bob cut so that the hair curves in and hugs your face. Use a razor to texture the ends of your bubble cut and style them so that they flip outward for some fun enhancements of the style. Or simply add some large, soft spiral curls into the long hair spilling onto your shoulders. You can add current, trendy elements without having to commit to a drastic change in your style.
#4 – The Long and the Short of It
“Can an older woman look good with long hair?” This is the classic debate for many stylists and women of a certain age. The only honest answer is "It depends on the hair." I've seen women in their 50s and 60s (and even a stunning 72-year-old) who wear their hair below their shoulders and look fabulous for it. They also all had in common that they did not color their hair and were 75-90% gray-haired giving a whole new dimension to silver fox.
Older woman with stunningly beautiful long gray hair
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But these looks are specific and striking due to their rarity. The long silver tresses are beautiful, but in the same vein I have a friend whose hair is very curly and she now has snow-white hair that falls below her shoulders. It sounds like it would be striking, but it doesn't suit her. In my opinion, she has always looked best with shorter, sassier hairstyles that take advantage of the soft, bouncy curls of her natural wave pattern.
Project Runway mentor and chief creative officer for Liz Claiborne, Inc., Tim Gunn, wrote in his book “Gunn’s Golden Rules” that he believes that with hair length, older women should err on the side of shorter hair rather than longer. I happen to agree with Mr. Gunn. Shorter hair tends to lend a youthful and carefree sensibility to a look.
The styles are usually easier to care for, and that often translates as "vibrant," "active," and "woman on the go." All of which are good descriptors for a woman in her prime.
#5 – Every Now and Then… Play
We all need some recreation in our lives from time to time, but this statement is more about getting creative with your appearance than taking a vacation. You know, we all are guilty of falling into a rut from time to time. And when it comes to daily rituals like grooming, the ruts can get very deeply ingrained.
Make it a point to set aside some time, perhaps on a rainy weekend afternoon, and get out all of your styling tools and get creative. Add lots of curls, or smooth them out, get some combs and barrettes and see what you can do with them. Or purchase a couple of small hairpieces and play with them a little. You might find you like something you never thought you would, or you might at least get an idea for a change in your style that you can implement with your stylist and make yourself feel like a kid again.
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