Sagging Jowls & Under-Eye Bags

Hairstyle for an older lady
Photo: Gpointstudio/Shutterstock
Q: I'm a woman with sagging jowls and under-eye bags and I would like to know what elements I could add to my hairstyle to take the focus away from my sagging face and the bags under my eyes.
A: The primary concern here is that it's likely that along with the sagging and bags, you have a distinct vertical focus to the facial features, since gravity tends to pull downward. Because of this, you will want to add elements to the style that will give more of a horizontal emphasis to the appearance to counter the vertical draw.
Another concern is that sagging and under-eye bags are usually accompanied by strong lines that emphasize these features. Because of this, you don't want a cut or style with strong edges and bold cutting lines. Feathered textures and softened edges are ideally suited to softening the look of the face.
In addition, if your hair color is too dark, you can actually emphasize the look of lines, wrinkles and sagging/bags in the face. As we age, our hair color naturally lightens, yet many women try to retain the bolder, more vibrant colors of their youth. Ironically, this attempt to keep a youthful aspect results in making the individual look older. So, try a color that is a couple of shades lighter than what you currently have and see how different you look.
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