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How to get a Good Haircut (2)

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On the other hand, if one is in the corner and only servicing older women, the same thing applies in the opposite spectrum. Watch her for awhile and see if she is styling the type of coif you are interested in. What does her hair represent to you? Is it something you would wear for yourself? Are they confident or cocky as they work on hair or not too sure about what they are doing? What do their styles look like when they walk out of the salon? Watch, observe and listen.
What type of reputation does this salon have? What type of reputation do the stylist’s have that work there? Are they considerate and professional? As you look and watch, do you see them clean their brushes and combs or use the same comb on another client? Are they quick to sweep up the hair or because they have another haircut they just keep it on the floor and wait until they are all done? Are their professional licenses in plain view? All these questions are worth considering. You have to ask what is important to you in a stylist.
Drastic haircut to change your hair style Unfortunately when you are quite young and fresh out of beauty school the public views her lack of experience in the salon, as lack of knowledge. This couldn’t be further from the truth, if she/he has graduated from a good reputable school and is serious about her profession. In fact, many times they are much more updated on the latest coloring and cutting techniques that others in the salon could glean from.
The same thing is true of an older hairdresser. The public judges them for their age, not thinking of the world’s of experience that stylist has. If the older one has kept up with the latest fashionable cuts and colors, you’ve discovered a real gem.
How much are you willing to pay for a good cut? When the price is higher many times you are paying for their good reputation and experience. They have earned their dues and worked their way up.
There are times when you go and get a trendy haircut but discover all too late the cut wasn’t for you. The Stylist was good and cut your hair perfect, but you became horrified as you felt the little hair you had left. You walk out of the salon crying and swear you’ll never get it cut again. Others may have loved your new look, but, you just can’t seem to adjust to the new look, especially lack of hair.
You were used to your long hair and in one moment, it was gone with a snip. How can you prevent this sort of thing from ever happening again? First of all, don’t follow the trends. Just because all these different styles come out does not mean they are for you. If you are tired of the same old style, begin to alter it gradually, not all at once. Talk to your stylist and tell her what you are thinking. Ask her if you can begin a very small change toward the style you have in mind. Little by little speaks volumes.
You may have the personality that cannot handle a complete quick change, when you are used to having your long thick locks hanging on your shoulders. Going from long hair to short in a matter of 30 minutes can be a very traumatic experience. Save yourself the stress.
One tip though, as we age, long hair hanging along side our face does not improve our looks, but drags our face down with it. Pulled back from your face and wearing it like you used to in your college days doesn’t either. Every saggy muscle, line and fat will be obvious. Change doesn’t have to be upsetting if you follow this through gradually.
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